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Since 1868.



Equipment for car control stations

For 25 years, car control stations are an important clientele of R. Weisshaupt AG.

Product requirements of these users are superior:

  • High reliability, because the frequency of testing is very high – from morning to evening!
  • Complete and immediate availability of spare parts
  • Impeccable customer service

These claims get mastered through the use of components of reputable manufactures that have proven their reliability in a thousand different applications. We also guarantee a very good spare part availability through our highly sophisticated manufacturing: all system-specific components are manufactured in-house. And finally, our highly trained technicians ensure that the machines run, and not stop.

Many solutions are the result of close cooperation between the car inspectors and our engineers. Thus the car control stations obtain a perfectly tailored tool which meets all their requirements.

At the end, there is no better quality proof as the daily high frequency use in a car control station. This is a challenge we face every single day!