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Car lifts for control stations


Nowadays, in the automotive inspection lines up to 3,5 t, the vehicle lifts displace the classical pits more and more.
And this for several reasons:

  • Inspection pits have to be connected to a basement in order to guarentee the emergency exit what is very expensive to create.
  • Inspection pits always cause a security risk (risk of falling) to the public, no matter how strict the security instructions are displayed.
  • Vehicle lifts offer a better visual inspection of the vehicle underside.
  • Vehicle lifts offer a ground-level work.
  • Vehicle lifts enable the inspector to show the customer damages directly under the vehicle (for insurance reasons, it is forbidden to enter pits for the customers.

On these vehicle lifts the following tests will be done:

  • Inspection of all chassis components on tolerance (suspension, steering) using integrated detector systems for front and rear axle.
  • Visual check of the entire underside for damage and corrosion.
  • Visual inspection of the drive chain on tolerance and leaks.
  • Inspection of the brake system on functionality, corrosion and leaks.
  • Visual check of the exhaust system on corrosion and leaks.

Our inspection lifts are all four pillar devices with rails. This machine layout has been approved as a perfect automotive inspection device.
Here are some advantages:

  • Easy setting up on existing ground; no further expensive work on the floor is necessary.
  • Excellent access for the inspector from all 4 sides.
  • Easy to repair as a standalone device.

In order to meet the inspection requirements, our car inspection lifts are provided with a large range of equipment features:

  • Because of the extremly high frequency of vehicle inspections our lifts are consistently interpreted with an electro-hydraulic device with steel cables. Coupled with a very powerful hydraulic uni, the lift time is only 15 seconds!
  • Double hydraulic pump to avoid complete failures. If a pump fails, the lift can still work with half speed.
  • Very high level of safety by automatically acting position locks.
  • Double rail lenghts and device widths are available to allow a perfect insert into test lines.
  • In the rails integrated detector systems for the rear axle with either cross or diagonal movements.
  • On request, raising vehicle on the platform on short stroke lift or rail integrated scissors lift.
  • Operation of all funktions through portable lamp.
  • In case of classical on-floor installation, choice of rail pending ramps or fixed floor ramps. If installed in a floor recess, equipment with automatic folding claps.

We have 7 pre-configured machine layouts in our range. You can download these in the download section as well as a brochure with detailed technical descriptions. For any further information please contact our sales engineers which are always available. We look forward to your request!