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DS 6.0


The WEP DS6.0 front / rear axle and ball joint play detector system for vehicles is the perfect instrument to test wheel bearings, steering and suspension on defaults and wear and tear of all kind of vehicles up to 15.000 kg axleload.

The detector system acts therefore directly on the vehicle’s front / rear wheels by shifting crosswise and parallel longitudinal the detector plates. It’s electro-hydraulic drive guarantees strong movements, which simulate, together with three different movement modes, perfectly road conditions showing precisely all the defaults that may exist on the tested vehicle.
The system can easily be operated by one man via cable hand lamp and selection switch for the three movement menus.

All the shifting movements are PLC controlled.
So, the setting of the shifting speed is easily programmable. The PLC allows even the setting of additional testing configurations (e.g. diagonally movements) .

The insulated control board containing the hydraulic group guarantees noiseless working and is installed in the pit’s cellar.

Vehicle raising is not needed for inspection of wheel bearings. Nevertheless, in case of heavy duty vehicles, we recommend to lift them up by jack bar in order to reduce the wheel load to 10% of its maximum value, optimizing the localisation of abnormalities. Our hydraulic 20 tons jack bar WEP GH20T for trucks and busses is the perfect tool to match this task. It was designed especially for the high working frequencies and unequal loadings, as they may occur on inspection lanes. Other capacities are also available. Please ask for additional information !
All parts of the detector systems are solidly manufactured to assure perfect working over a long lifetime.
The WEP DS6.0 is designated for a maximum axle load of 15000 kg and is therefore perfectly suited for all kind of vehicles. The detector system is designed to be installed alongside inspection pits. It?s an under floor version with only 2 cm height over ground.

Functioning and possibilities
The WEP DS6.0 detector system consists of 2 electro-hydraulically driven detector-plates acting directly on the vehicle’s front / rear wheels through crosswise and parallel shifting (red arrows) according to three, free selectable, testing modes. Once the mode is selected, the detector plates are activated with the hand lamp’s pushbuttons.