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GH 20 T


The WEP GH20T is the ideal tool to lift heavy vehicles in an inspection pit. Its powerful hydraulic drive with generous reserves and its extremly robust components make it ideal for very high operation frequencies (for example inspection lines for heavy vehicles, tire service or at the final inspection on the belt).

To meet these specific requirements, the WEP GH20T differs by a number of technical features:
Perfect Security
Extremly robust constructed carriage with double ball bearing slides. The lateral guide rollers are also ball bearings. This combination gives the device an incomparably light running in the process that can be accomplished in this way without much physical effort. In addition, the hydraulic unit housed separately does not weight unnecessarily the lifter. A fact which also constribute its easy use. The cariage is custom-made to fit the width of your pit. If required, the rollers can get rotated conically.

Its two-way hydraulic cylinder with chrome-plated piston rod guarantee long life-cycle and reliability. As safety of the lifting cylinder, it is equipped with a check valve.

The cylinder is enclosed in a transversely shiftable sliding carriage. This also runs on ball bearing rollers, which allows a safe and precise positioning under the load. Moreover, the sliding carriage is fitted with an automatically acting locking device, which fixes the carriage directly by lifting. Thus the risk of inadvertent rolling during lifting is efficiently avoided. Last but not least, the lift cylinder centers itself automatically by lowering on the sliding carriage. This precludes a collision of the carriage and the guide rails of the pit.

Perfect ergonomics

Longitudinal, lateral and vertical positioning of the pit jack occur intuitively via a control satellite which is integrated in the lift cylinder. This control satellite consists 2 horizontally mounted handles with a joystick between. Thus, the operator is able to bring the entire device with two hands and a thumb in position to operate. There is no easier way!

Two stroke and deflation speeds (fast, in order to positioning and slow to work under load) ensure prompt lifting and guarantee high troughput rates.

The hydraulic power init with all its components is housed in a sound-isolated cabinet, which is installed in the pit or in the basement pit end. A construction to be in workplace itself never bothered by annoying pump noises and the lift is not unnecessarily cumbersome.

The hydraulic hoses from the engine to the jacks are housed in an energy chain, which is carefully laid on the pit wall along.