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Column lift system



For the first time a column lift was designed based on a modular system.

This enables us to deliver a product to the costumer, which suites all their individual needs and requirements within the shortest delivery time.

Our column lifts are material lifts for the vertical transport of unaccompanied objects and parts.


After loading and closing the hosting cage, the operator sets the device into motion using the standardly attached dead man’s pushbutton. The lifting and lowering process is automatically terminated through the attached limit switches.


The lifts are equipped with the following safety devices:

  • Drop safety and shutdown of the engine in case of chain breakage or hitting obstacle
  • Double chain strands as additional safety measure
  • Emergency limit switch on top
  • Thermal motor protection
  • Warning buzzer when lowering


Strong arguments for the SLS:


– All our column lifts are designed for permanent operation (S1- motor). Due to the often non-stop use of our devices in professional ranges of applications, it is for us as a matter of course to produce reliable and high quality products.

– The wide-ranging  modular system of our SLS allows almost unlimited possibilities of lift configurations. Single-column lifts (ESL) , two-column lifts ( ZSL ) four column lifts (VSL ). Different variants are possible depending on load requirements and cage size without greater effort

– The space-saving chain drive allows a stepless height adjustment up to 12 m.

– Due to the electro- mechanical drive (gear motor and chain) the devices are particularly well suited for industrial applications where hydraulic drives are prohibited for safety or production reasons.

– Our devices are extremely low-maintenance. This avoids unnecessarily long down times

– Very quiet and precise sliding

– Standard fall protection and position lock. The user’s security enjoys highest priority at our house!

– Optional outdoor installation

– Maximal reliability!

– Easy to use

– The system is more than complete: a wide range of useful optional equipment is available.


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