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This is where the world of tailored solutions of the SLS modular system begins!

The ZSL is a lift system with 2 columns on which a basket, a platform or an individual custom device (supporting frame, lifter) lifts up.

ZSL has a net load up to 1500 kg and can be designed for lift heights from 3 m up to 12 m.

A wide range of lifting devices with baskets up to 2 m bearing-out and a variable length is possible. These systems always arise from close consultations between the customer and our technicians. We can build your individual material lift. Get in contact with us!

The device is controlled via standard dead-man´s button (continuous contact) on the ground floor. Lifting speed: 4,2 m / min.

A comprehensive range of accessories implicate on your perfectly tailored column lift including all your requirements!

Summary of our range of accessori

  • Other lifting heights
  • Other basket sizes
  • Additional, or otherwise free arrangement of the basket doors (single- or double-leaf)
  • Special basket openings, for example hand barrier
  • Heighting of the basket safety fence
  • A wide variety of floor doors match the basket doors. The basement doors are integrated into the system via an electric security lock and can only be opened when the basket is in front.
  • Fixed guardrails to encase the lift completely
  • Avoid unnecessary steps of a staircase by installing additional control-sections on the upper floors.
  • Even more comfort trough automatic control! Which means, the device operates in self-running on wire control. Note: devices with automatic control (including ground floor) have to be completely encased by a height of 2200 mm! In addition, the automatic control causes control-sections on the upper floors.
  • Increased lifting speed (8,4 m / min.) with soft-start, soft-stop
  • Additional visual signaling trough beacon light

and many more …