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Since 1868.



Quicklift 2,5 – 5 T


2500 Kg
5000 Kg

  • – electro-mechanical lift
  • – gear with brake motor
  • – loadbearing device formed of steel buish chains
  • – complying with the EC machinery directive
  • – robust and careful construction
  • – little maintenance because of self lubricating ball-bearings used for chain pulleys
  • – easy installation even on a floor with slight unevenness, fast to align owing to stable column feets with special regulating screws.


  • – lighting system on the inner side of the rails
  • – hydraulic wheel-free device in the rails, type RFIII, capacity 2500 kg
    to take up the vehicle under the chassis
    in order to make free the 4 wheels at the same time
    It’s possible to lift or to let down the lift in every height even if the wheels are free.
  • – pneumatic short jack